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Terms and Conditions of Hire

If you book our services you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of hire.

The ‘Company’ is Design4else Ltd. Trading as Design4else Ltd. The ‘Hirer/Client’ is any person or company who hires or has agreed to hire Goods from the Company. ‘Goods or equipment’ means goods provided by the Company in accordance with the Company’s standard Terms and Conditions of hire.

Holding Deposit Requirements are outlined as below;

  • A £50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your booking with us if the order is less than £250 and the event date is more than 12 weeks in advance. This will be deducted on the invoice.
  • A £100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your booking with us if the order is more than £250 and the event date is more than 12 weeks in advance. This will be deducted on the invoice.
  • All orders less than 12 weeks at the time of booking will require a 50% deposit.
  • All balances must be cleared exactly a month before the event date. (Eg. Event date on 2nd of June should be paid by 2nd of May).

We accept Debit /Credit cards and Paypal for all payments. The full balance is due 4 weeks prior to your event date. Once the invoice has been paid we cannot issue refunds on any items that are no longer required but can exchange items subject to stock availability. Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit or full amount 4 weeks prior to the event. If full payment has not been made 4 weeks prior to the event we reserve the right invoice in full for loss of work.

Order Cancellation
The client may cancel up to 1 month before the event. However, the deposit amount will not be refunded but the remaining amount will be refunded through the same means with which the client made payment. Cancellation must be sent by email to enquiries@design4else.co.uk.

Changes to an order
You can make changes to your order up to the point of 4 weeks in advance of the event. Significant changes to an order may change the quote you originally obtained. Items can be added on as long as they are in stock at any point.

Any discrepancies which resulted from an order must be notified within 7 days after the event. Any discrepancies that are not notified within this period will be exempted from any credit/refund.

Lost/ Damaged or Replacement Cost 
Full replacement costs will be applied to damaged or loss of hired items. This will be deducted off any holding security deposit, or in cases where this has not been required, a PayPal invoice will be issued requesting payment to repair the damaged item.

Set Up
The client must ensure that a window of 2-3 hours is available for design4else ltd to set up chair covers. If this is not possible or covers are more than 300 please confirm this with us to make sure prior arrangement has been made to cater for any expedited service which will incur additional charges as extra paid staff will be required. We are unable to un-stack or arrange chairs and tables at your venue. This is something you will need to arrange with the venue prior to our arrival. If there is an issue and we do need to put out chairs and tables, there is an additional charge of 30p per chair. All items/decorations done by Design4else should not be removed by anyone aside from a member of staff from Design4else after the event unless pre-arranged with client/hirer.

DIYFailed Collection
Clients/Hirer will be liable for any failed collections due to absence between the designated collection hours allocated at the time of booking. Normally between 9 am and 5 pm unless otherwise arranged.

Cancellation Due to Adverse Weather
In adverse weather conditions such as Snow & Ice, it is Design4else’s decision not to deliver/setup hired goods to the venue if it compromises the safety of our staff. Design4else will endeavour to get the hired goods to the venue and exhaust every option that is available before cancellation of the booking.

Use of private information policy (GDPR)

Last updated: 10th December 2018 


We respect the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and this policy explains how we collect and treat any information you give us. You won’t find any complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text. We’ve no desire to trick you into agreeing to something you might later regret.

How we collect information

We ask for contact information including your name, email address, and phone number, on our website so that we can reply to your enquiry.

We ask for your account and contact information when you hire or buy something from us.

We collect anonymised details about your usage on this website to aid us in improving this website and creating popular types of content.

Occasionally, we might receive your contact information from one of our partners. If we do, we protect it in exactly the same way as if you give it to us directly.

What information we hold

When you contact us by email or through our website, we collect your name, address, venue, venue date, phone number, and email address, if you’ve given us that.

When you buy or rent something from us, we collect your name, email address, phone number, billing address and a delivery address.

All purchases are processed by PayPal, our payment processor and we never have access to your credit card information.

Where we store your information

When you contact us by email or through our website, we store your information in our 123-Reg email account. Our payment processor PayPal, and if we do business, we store your information in our invoice software called Invoice2go.

What we use your information for

We occasionally use your contact information to send you details of our products and services. When we do, you have the option to unsubscribe from these communications and we won’t send them to you again. We might also email or phone you about our products and services, but if you tell us not to, we won’t get in touch again. We will use your information to send you invoices, statements, or reminders.

Who has access to information about you

When we store information in our own systems, only the people who need it have access. Our management team have access to everything you’ve provided, but individual employees have access to only what they need to do their job.

The steps we take to keep your information private

Where we store your information in third-party services, we restrict access only to people who need it.

How to complain

We take complaints very seriously. If you’ve any reason to complain about the ways we handle your privacy, please contact us by email at enquiries@design4else.co.uk or by phone on 0203 900 0183. If you’re the letter-writing type, send your envelope to Design4Else, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7AU.

Changes to the policy

If we change the contents of this policy, those changes will become effective the moment we publish them on our website.

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