Some serious choices to be made here! We toyed with the idea of a completely digital invite but we both really love printed stationery and as yet there is still nothing onscreen that can compete with the look and feel of debossed rose gold foiled lettering on 300gsm uncoated stock (spoiler alert). We designed a very minimal physical invite, a single sheet of paper with an accompanying website through which our guests can view travel directions, book accommodation and most importantly RSVP.

The invites have now been popped in the mail and to coincide with that milestone event we needed to think about our wedding gift list, and I don’t think either of us realised how hard that would be…

The Wedding Gift List

Most people choose an online wedding gift list such as: or – when I’m a guest at a wedding I always enjoy having a browse through the gift list (or gift lists as there are often two). It’s as satisfying as having a nose at other peoples shopping at the supermarket check out only without the threat of being caught.

We had a giggle as we set up our gift list page, you can personalise it with a message and upload a selfie or what ever you fancy to your lists homepage where you also see a countdown to your big day… Which is actually pretty frightening (!)

We found the process of actually creating a wedding gift list quite daunting. Firstly because you can literally pick anything. If an item you want is not listed, simply find it elsewhere online and cut and paste the url onto your gift list page – thus removing the necessity to ever need more than one gift list. The other issue is that you do (or at least we did) start to feel a little greedy as the list of items began to mount up… we want people to know that we don’t expect to get everything, we just want to ensure our guests have a good selection to choose from! Also, for the same reason we have felt reluctant to add in too many high value items as we don’t want people to feel pressured into spending loads on us. Our friends have told us not to be silly but its a real dilemma – a political hot potato!